The best concert experiences I've had is when I've had the feeling of oneness when I play or listen to a concert. This is why I developed the concept of meditation concerts, where the concert starts with a meditation, before we dive into the music. 

The idea is to give everybody in the room the opportunity to rest in the present moment and let go of everything that is in the way for a pure connection with their own true experience of the moment. To facilitate a clear space where the energy can flow effortlessly between the musicians and the audience, to attain the highest potensial of the music, and to create an opportunity for people to go inwards. 

I have done these concerts in different formats. Solo, meditation concerts for kids, and one with full band. This was with Rebekka Sæter leading the meditation, Bjørn Løken at gongs, Ole Morten Vågan at bass and myself playing guitar. You can hear an excerpt of the concert here: