Raga music in India

When I first started playing with and learning from Ashraf in 2013, we already talked about going to India. Almost three years after the dream finally came true, and we went to Kolkata to play concerts in the cradle of Raga music. I have to admit, going to Kolkata, the cradle of raga music, and performing this ancient tradition in the classical festivals, where the audience know very well how the music should be, playing western electrical guitar, was a huge challenge. The audience was a bit skeptical before the concerts. You can’t come and mess with their music there. But luckily I have the greatest teacher, and Ashraf is also the very finest raga musician I know. So with his help I managed to keep up with him, and after the first concert I felt the warmth and acceptance of the audience. Thank God! And thanks to Ashraf, which I am so grateful and honored to get to learn from and play with. During the month we played six concerts in total, and practiced a lot. I also got to try to play some cricket, and went on a little boat trip on Matha Ganga :D